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Kathy Brooks Signature offers a progressive trend of fashion and confidence, constructing stronger attitudes in more vibrant executives from the finest materials around the world.

con·fi·dence [kon-fi-duhns] : A feeling of self-assurance


image_kathy4Kathy Brooks Signature prides itself on drawing upon the most progressive fashion trends and manufacturing innovations. Founded by Kathy in 1998, the company’s commitment of unparalleled service and unsurpassed product allows them to offer the widest selection of fabric in the industry for custom and ready-made clothing, as well as a lavish collection of loose stones to compliment the collection of fine jewelry.

Catering to busy executives who appreciate the finer things in life but find it difficult to take time out of their days, clients experience the prestige of having a wardrobe designed and tailored to compliment their individual tastes and lifestyles. The latest in accessories, including ties, cufflinks, belts and shoes, are available to add the perfect touch to each clothing selection.

Spending more than sixteen years training with the finest jewelers throughout the world, Kathy’s expertise is second to none. Each piece in the women’s exquisite jewelry collection is carefully selected to offer clients only the most unique and original designs. An assortment of loose stones, ranging from princess cuts to round stones, provides clients with the perfect setting for rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces. If a specific design is not shown in the extensive collection, Kathy Brooks will custom design an original piece to meet anyone’s expectations.

Prided on customer service, Kathy Brooks Signature works with clients through every step of their fashion experience.


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