Project Overview



Designed to complement the very shoes that we pick out for any custom garment, with unique styles and colors, we offer fine leather belts that are hand-finished with the same attention to quality that goes into every custom wardrobe.

Elevate your style with two little hints of refinement from the Kathy Brooks Signature collection of cufflinks. Your custom shirt can always be tailored with a custom shirt cuff that will suit classic to contemporary cufflinks.
Re-invent your custom wardrobe with accessories that add class, style and sophistication. Allow us to introduce to you our exclusive collection of cufflinks to your custom suit and wardrobe.

Life is full of accents, and the perfect tie is no exception. Kathy Brooks Signature will coordinate the ideal neck tie to act as a focal point of your entire ensemble or to provide a soft sophistication upon entering a room.

From a sizeable collection of neck ties, we create a full ensemble with your custom tailored suit and custom shirt. Coordinated by professionals that realize what business you are in, and what image you need to portray, the finishing touch of a neck tie will always add to your closing argument with class.